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Five tools to help manage training

If you’re a Unit Committee Chair, are you aware that there are new tools at your disposal that can help you maintain your unit’s records?  These tools are all available to you at Link.  These tools include:

  1. Training Manager – Here is the location where you can keep track of which members of your Unit Leadership need training and what training is needed. 
    1. There are two separate Graphs that show your percentages of Trained Leaders for Youth Protection & Position Specific trained. 
    2. You can even download these reports to import the information into whatever Unit management software your unit uses.
    3. This is also currently the easiest way to keep track of whose Youth Protection Training is expiring.
    4. You have the ability to add new training that has been completed by members of your unit.

      As a member of the Council Training Committee, the Training Manager has proven to be an extremely valuable tool for staying on top of our training needs. 

  2. My Organization Dashboard – This can be used to post messages to everyone in your unit.  This is a great utility for those units that don’t already have a Unit Management program that is used.
  3. Member Manager – Offers you the ability to keep track of your Unit’s registered membership.
    1. You have several ways that you can look at this information.  Either by Youth, Adult or All at once.  You can even filter by position.
    2. You also have the ability to print the BSA Membership card(s) for any of your members.
    3. You can also download these membership reports to import the information into whatever Unit Management software your unit uses.
  4. Organization Manager – Allows you to see the organizational information for your unit.  How many of you know who your Executive Officer (Institutional Head) or Representative (Charter Organization Representative) is and how to reach them?  This is the place.
  5. Announcements & Calendar – These are useful tools for any unit that doesn’t already have Unit Management software or is looking to update how you operate.

I would encourage everyone to take a look at the new tools that National BSA offices are making available to us, especially if you are a Unit Committee Chair.  With the help of these tools we can reach the National Boy Scout policy of 100 % Youth Protection Trained.


Bill Wyant, Anthony Wayne Area Council Training Committee Chair

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