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Scouting Community Service

For over 100 years, Scouts performing acts of service to benefit our local communities has been a significant part of the Scouting program.  How better to teach our young men and women the importance of giving back to others as adults, than giving the positive community service experiences as youth.


While we are sure every Pack, Troop, Team, Crew and Ship in the Anthony Wayne Area Council is performing community service, unless you tell us, we at the council office often don’t know what these projects are.  We want to gather this information so that we can share it with the community at large.  How better to let our communities know the benefit of Scouting?

For years now, the Boy Scouts of America has operated a Good Turn for America program where units can log in and report their community service hours.  Unfortunately, many don’t use this system. 

If you would like to log in your own hours, the website can be found at Link.  If you have logged in before, you will need your username and password.  If not, you will need your Unit ID number in order to set up a username and password.  Either of these can be obtained by contacting Bill Dixon at the council office (260-432-9593, or at [Click for member's page])

If you prefer, we at the council office can log these hours into the Good Turn for America program for you.  Simply complete the attached form and send it to Tina at the council office.

Before your start, there is some key data that you will need to gather:

  • Unit #
  • Description of the project
  • Date(s) of the project
  • Number of Scout and non-scout (sibling) youth involved
  • Number of BSA registered and non-registered adults involved
  • Total number of hours of the project (# of workers x # of hours)






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