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Commissioner Resources

Commissioners are district and council leaders who help Scouting units succeed. They coach and counsel adult leaders of Cub Scout Packs, Boy Scout Troops, and Venturing Crews. Commissioners help maintain the standards of the Boy Scouts of America.


* Journey to Excellence

Journey to Excellence (JTE) is the BSA's council performance recognition program designed to encourage and reward success. It measures the performance of units, districts, and councils. It is meant to encourage excellence in providing a quality program at all levels of the Boy Scouts of America.

BSA National's JTE website has excellent resources for commissioners and other Scouting volunteers to assist in the Journey to Excellence process.

Commissioner Manuals and Resources

Commissioner manuals can be downloaded from the BSA national Commissioner website. Useful manuals to consider downloading are listed below. 

  • Administration of Commissioner Service , No. 34501: This manual has combined the previous editions of the Administration of Commissioner Service, Basic Commissioner Training, and Continuing Education of Commissioners. Some great additions have been made to the manual to support council-level commissioners and their support to districts, as well as some new sessions of commissioner training to be offered at all levels.

  • Commissioner Fieldbook for Unit Service, No. 33621: Consider this handy book the commissioner's best friend, the book every commissioner should own. It's packed with essential information on commissioner style, commissioner lifesaving, commissioner responsibilities, and dozens of other topics on providing unit service. It's the definitive reference on unit charter renewal.

  • District Roundtables (No. 14-633B)

  • Council Commissioner Manual , No. 522-015: This manual was compiled and written from the point of view that it would be a basic, yet comprehensive, guide for someone who has never been a council commissioner.

Commissioner Newsletter

Commissioner Logos


Commissioner Training 

* District Commissioner Resources

District commissioner manuals can be downloaded from the BSA national district resource website. Useful manuals to consider downloading are listed below:

  • A Handbook for District Operations (No. 34739): This manual provides commissioners with details on the roles and responsibilities for each of the operating committees on the district committee and the commissioner staff. 

  • District Key 3 (No. 513-630): The district Key 3 consists of the district chairman, district commissioner, and district executive. These three crucial positions work together to define and serve the needs of the district. 

  • The District (No. 33070): This wide-ranging overview provides information on how the district carries out the operational mission of the council. 

  • A Self-Evaluation Guide for Successful District Operations (No. 34207)

Roundtable Support

Awards & Recognition

* Unit Commissioner Resources

Unit Commissioner Worksheets for visiting packs, troops, crews and posts (bottom of linked webpage)

Unit Service Plan and Commissioner Tools

Internet Rechartering

* Council-wide Roundtable

Stay tuned for details about our November Roundtable via Zoom!


Click here for the slides from the leader training in May

Click here for the recorded Zoom training

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