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Cub Scout Program updates

Click below to view information about the changes to the Cub Scout program, which go into effect June 1:

If you missed the training, please join us for the 
Council-wide Roundtable on May 1!


For Girls and Boys in grades K-5 (or ages 5-10). From the thrill of shooting an arrow to learning how to transform a block of wood into a race car, Cub Scouts is one thrill after another.


For Boys and Girls ages 11-17. This program is designed to promote character, leadership, citizenship and personal fitness in young people while instilling the fundamental values of Scouting.


For Boys and Girls ages 13 (and have completed 8th grade) through 20. Venturing provides positive life experiences through exciting and engaging activities planned and supervised by the youth themselves.


For young men and women ages 13 (and have completed 8th grade) through 20, Exploring provides students with an opportunity to learn about a wide variety of career fields and network with professionals already working in those fields.

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